About Fan Avaran Kasht Zagros Company

Fan Avaran Kasht Zagros Company, a young and dynamic company established in 2011, is a knowledge based manufacturing company based in Kermanshah, Iran.

We are a leading manufacturing company of agricultural machinery especially Irrigation booms and Drum seeding lines (seedling production machines for vegetables e.g. tomato, melon, lettuce, peppers, cabbage… seedling) for greenhouses and nurseries for more than 10 years. The range of products has grown and now includes Irrigation Boom, Drum seeding line (Tray Filler, Drum Seeder, Soil elevator, Vermiculite coverer, watering tunnel, Mixer), pull type seedling trans planter, Mulching machine, Manual seeder, Semi-automatic grafting machine, Specific Construction and equipping of greenhouses.

In the field of machine manufacturing, the company has already equipped more than 200 seedling producing greenhouses to the mechanized seedling producing system. Due to our effort and high quality, our products quality equals the same as Italian corresponding items with much more reasonable prices.


 With the highest level of quality, we have received the approval of the Center for the Development of Mechanization of Iran, have been licensed to operate by MINISTRY OF INDUSTRIES AND MINES and we are certified by ISO 9001 and CE standards.

 The company consists of a strong team of experts in various fields of agriculture, machinery and electronics, and all of its products are based on day-to-day knowledge and research and development.


Our company directors and technicians offer the best deals to you dear customers to provide the best and most quality products. Hence, we will help you make the best offer and product to fulfill your demands. We have to emphasize that our products have been designed and manufactured with the best raw materials based on research and development, and in order to honor our customers, we offer the best possible after-sales services.


Welcome to see our videos on YouTube.

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